Discover a Different Way to Find Relief from Pain and Stress While Reclaiming Your Inner Bliss, Vitality, and Peace of Mind

Innova Yoga can be a comforting new method to soothe your mind, body and spirit…

See if any of these situations resonate with you:


If any of these sound like you, then Innova Yoga can be an effective solution.  

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Deeply Therapeutic

Reduce Pain
Melt Away Stress

Improve Body Motion
Release Tension

Boost Immune System
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I’m Marlis Moldenhauer and as a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher (CSYT) and an Embodyment® Yoga Therapist (a one-on-one approach to Svaroopa®Yoga) my mission is to help you find welcome relief from the physical, mental and spiritual challenges you may have been facing.

Through Svaroopa® Yoga, which is one of the best kept secrets to achieving pain and stress relief, you will even re-discover an inner tranquility that has escaped you over the years.

This is a deliberate, methodical, deeply therapeutic style of yoga

We’ll be using props, a specific breathing pose, and poses with a focus on precise alignments and awareness to help release the very deepest layers of tension stored in the muscles supporting your spine.

This core opening unravels and melts away the deep layers of stress and tension throughout your body and mind.

When this happens it unveils a profound sense of well being, inner peace and a feeling of bliss you’ve been missing in your life. 

It really is something you must experience to fully understand its unique power to improve your life on so many levels.

“Svaroopa Yoga®  has been very beneficial to me in many ways”

“I notice that Yoga relaxes my mind , thus giving me an overall sense of ease and well being. Yoga also relaxes my body when doing specific poses . I notice increased energy, improved flexibility and strength. I feel better, both physically and mentally after Yoga. The energy of our class is positive which generates good feelings, and our Yoga teacher is great!” ~ Cheryl T.

“I would recommend Innova Yoga and Marlis to absolutely anyone”

“I have more energy and stamina. My posture is greatly improved. I am stronger and far more flexible than I feel I have ever been and I know that there are even more benefits to be gained. 

The poses are suited to every age and body type. Marlis is a highly trained, truly gifted instructor. She has the ability to truly connect with each student and understand their individual needs. She is able to help each student to maximize the benefits each can gain.

I feel better at the end of class than I did before we started and know that the improvements will continue to show up later, over time, as my body changes.

When the class is over I look forward to the next class. It also helps that the people in the class are friendly and appreciate the benefits derived from Svaroopa Yoga® and the instruction of Marlis." ~ Phil H.

Will you be my next success story?

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•    you have chronic aches and pains (back pain, headaches, sore leg muscles, shoulder pain, old injuries);
      some of it can be explained away while other pain sources are a mystery
•    you're feeling stressed and anxious more often, and you want some relief so that you can get on with life
•    you're looking for an outlet; you've tried some standard yoga poses but sometimes it can be too fast or 
      intense for your taste
•    you’ve been practicing yoga for years but you’re looking for a new, more therapeutic approach as you 
      get older, so you can reclaim your vitality
•    you’ve tried everything to lose weight and keep it off, and you’re wondering if things will ever change