Here they are…The Magic Four Svaroopa® Yoga Poses

The thought of transforming the way you feel can seem like a complicated process, especially if you’ve been experiencing pain or stress for months or even years.

With Svaroopa® Yoga you can change the way you feel. It takes the simple application of four poses, called The Magic Four

These poses are highly effective and we specialize in simplicity at Innova Yoga. As you release the spinal tension, your breathing opens up to its most effortless breath—the way it was meant to be.

Pose 1. The Magic Four begins by releasing the muscles connected to your tailbone. magic

Pose 2. Moving to the second pose we extend this release through the muscles of your sacrum.

Pose 3. The changes that take place now segue into your waist area. By this time you can already feel profound relief.

Pose 4. We finish The Magic Four with a pose which releases your rib cage, shoulders, neck and head. 

Now it’s time to fully immerse yourself in the mental and physical benefits as you allow the blissful feelings to envelop you.

No prior yoga experience is required to practice the The Magic Four. Relish in the deep release of stress with your Svaroopa yoga experience. 
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