Innova Yoga Testimonials
Svaroopa Yoga class is "Me" time with no interruptions.  It is a time of deep relaxation, warming, and opening of my muscles, mind, heart, and intuition.  My yoga time is an exploration of my emotions, physical being, and deepest spiritual needs.  Progressing with my poses, I have felt a noticeable and deeper connection to my inner self.  Marlis's gentle yet firm touch helps me to go deeper and I notice this even more after yoga class as I enjoy joining with my yoga community to share our yoga adventures. ~ Denise C.

The 3 private lessons I took before attending continuing yoga group lessons helped me to build my confidence
and knowledge.  ~ Jeralyn F.

THANKS Marlis! I had suffered with a tail bone injury for 2 years. Tried lots of different practitioners and treatments but if I had to sit more than 2 hours, I was in terrible pain for hours afterwards. After 3 Embodyment® Yoga therapy treatments it was 99% gone and very rarely ever bothers me at all....even on long drives. Just drove 18 hrs. to Asheville, NC and wasn't suffering from tailbone pain at all. I am thrilled that you brought SvaroopaR yoga to Milwaukee. It is an answer to my prayers. ~ Sunni B.

The yoga therapy I received from Marlis helped me more than anything else I had previously tried and I believe it can help others! ~ Mark J. Schaefer M.D. Wauwatosa, WI

I KNOW that the Svaroopa® yoga is good for my body and soul. ~ Carol P.
Thanks for the wonderful class. I learned so much and the muscle aches and stress just fade away. I look forward to the next class. I love the "Magic 4" and the peacefulness of yoga. I have not left work with a headache or the shoulder pressure I used to have. I am learning to go with the flow. ~ Terre 

With Svaroopa® yoga I am doing better after these 10 hour days like today! At the end of class after sealing in the yoga, I felt as if I just woke up from a refreshing nap. I never had that sensation before. ~ Mark B.

I really felt a huge difference in my breathing patterns from being anxious to much more relaxed at the end of class! ~ Heidi P.
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After to being to many different therapists the Embodyment® Yoga Therapy gave me relief from constant nagging neck pain in just one session! ~ Suzee A.

My neck used to hurt. It ached and felt uncomfortable, and I searched for a pillow that would give me comfort when sleeping. Now I feel fine sitting, standing, and sleeping! With doing Svaroopa® yoga I notice how well I feel structurally even after gardening! I feel my legs under my hips and torso.  ~ Helen K.

I felt that my scoliosis hump seemed flatter which opens up my ribs when I derotate the trunk and can breathe better! I also experienced more balance on my feet as I could feel my abdominals kicking in and my posture improving. Each week the 'old' routines get a little easier to do and the details of the pose make more sense. The next day my muscles felt very 'alive'-like I had had a good long hike the day before. The abdominal muscles allow me to stand taller now. I also really LOVE the Contemplation quotes. I have practiced meditation for years and Swamaji has articulated what is going on in the modern brain! ~ Pat N.

I am noticing a subtle shift of inner presence in my physical body. There is profound healing for us in the Svaroopa® yoga you are teaching. We are so VERY grateful for giving us this loving healing process. My granddaughter does her favorite yoga poses every night before bed. Please know that you are making a life changing difference for us. 
~ Cindy C. and Alyssa F.
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I most feel the effects after I walk to my car and am driving home. I feel so tall and erect and spacious. It feels so good to be in my body. This is taking me to a whole new level that I've been thirsting for. ~ Rebecca M.

My body feels really good! The constant nagging pain is reduced and I feel more mobile in the back area. ~ Susan D.

I have come a long way since being diagnosed with disc degeneration and stenosis, having surgery 6 years ago. My back is better than ever and I am on NO pain meds, thanks to people like you, I am good. Thanks. ~ Sharon 

I really am pain free in my shoulders, neck and back. I am so thankful for all of your help. ~ Lynette C.

Marlis' workshop took me to a whole new level! I feel so tall, erect and spacious. ~ Rebecca M

For the first time in I don't know how long I felt free of tension and stress as I left yoga today. I even had to adjust the rear view mirror as I was sitting up taller when I got into my car. I loved that I went so deep into Shavasana and am so glad that I found your class and this type of yoga! ~ Jen

Svaroopa yoga has allowed me to gain the benefits of yoga even with my physical limitations. 
It has helped my body heal. Shavasana also gives me deep peace. ~ Gloria K.

Innova Yoga has helped me with my alignment and with the release of my joint pain! 
~ Heather E.